Basic Info

Hiroko Yoshida

lives in; Toyama, Japan (Google Map)

Technical Translator (EJ)

Chemistry (organic, natural organic-, environment, material, engineering-, -engineering but no patents and semiconductors) and general medicine, pharmaceuticals,forensics.

Interested in psychiatry and infectious disease, zoonosis.

Normal speed; 1500-2000 words/day (EJ). Depends on difficulties of documents.


I majored chemistry until the half of undergraduate (MA) course, and since Japanese recession started, I shifted my career to a tutor. I taught about 50 teenagers, almost all subjects, that let me revise much of knowledge I had forgotten.

My career as freelance is about 10 yrs long, and about 5 years is blanc. I've learned or did translation of pharmacy-related organic chemistry, pharmaceutical, environmental(such as detergent), chemical engineering, safety engineering, energy (coal, biomass and petrol), polymer materials. I've once did autopsy report probably because I love mysteries. Plus, as a hobby, some entertainment documents such as music are one of my expertise.

I'm a highly motivated translator, competent to understand wide range of technical field. My motto is questioning, thorough search, easy-to-understand language, prompt response, strict to deadline. Computer and its accessories literate. But sorry, patents, semiconductors, bio-related is not my field so far.


2002: Finished 2 Medical training course of translation (at DHC and Fellow Academy).

1993:Auditor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, majoring natural organic chemistry. Together with multi-cultural and Pharmaceutical students.

1992:Bachelor of Engineering at Kanazawa University, majoring engineering chemistry(organic synthesis)

Past Translations

(Without notes, E to J)

  • Document about environment (detergent); containing MSDS
  • Business letter about environment (detergent)
  • Technical document about ABC weapons
  • Document and catalog about Orchid Show (mainly Latin to Japanese, from Mexico)
  • Coal mining papers, Indonesia
  • Presentation of Engine manufacturer (slides)
  • Papers about several engineering fields (J->E)
  • Report about coal mining site, Australia
  • Trade matching documents (Italian and Chinese are included)
  • Newsletter of a Chemical Company
  • About 3 Pharmacology papers (just a part)
  • Speech manuscript related public health
  • Presentation documents about polymer material(used PowerPoint)
  • Autopsy report
  • Biomaterial lab test report
  • Chemical substance names(2500 chemicals) and expressions for MSDS
  • Leaflet of IPC-MS & HPLC
  • Companies co-operation planning document
  • Motor Show Presentation(energy related)
  • Company profile of a Marketing enterprise
  • Test questions about a Software
  • Instruction about paper machine
  • Manuals(Printer, IP telephony)
  • Manuals(Chemical, approx. 40000 words)
  • Manuals (How to cope with Terror)
  • Many MSDS, SDS, both organic and inorganic (proofreading included)
  • 2 Manuals (Factory-used printer)
  • Terror Coping Manual
  • Therapeutic shoes leaflet
  • Japanese language teaching material
  • SNS uncovering new talent
  • Groupware localization
  • IP telephony related presentation
  • Press release of F1 partner
  • Leaflet of Atomic Force Microscope translation and proofreading
  • Document about medical needle
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulation Software Manual (J to E proofread from a technical point of view, assigned 3 times)
  • Technical document about polymer
  • Website of maritime security company (
  • Questionnaire of diabetes for doctors(proofreading)
  • Pharmaceutical newsletter (about exhibition)
  • Questionnaire about sales training at company
  • Press release and rarely papers of polymer company (proofreading, translation: ongoing since Sep. 2011, working as client's preferred translator)
  • Questionnaire of forestry organization
  • Software translation of road data processing
  • Presentation document of translation company
  • Proofreading of chemistry textbook for college student
  • Small brochure for glass manufacturer
  • Document about business code of conduct seminar
  • University's website of Graduate School of Agriculture(J to E)
  • Educational document on toxicity of inorganic chemical
  • Medical device
  • Bank's presentation to new customer
  • Many Proofreading experience.
  • About 7 Rock musicians' interview, bio, liner notes.
  • Opera singer's bio
  • You can see more in my CV, MS Word file upon request.

    Last update: July 29th, 2012